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Berdasarkan penelitian, penggunaan bahasa Jawa lebih efektif dibandingkan bahasa Inggris sekalipun, setidaknya dalam 29 contoh berikut:

1. walk slowly on the edge (side) of the road = mlipir.
2. fall backward and then hit own head = nggeblak.
3. got hit by a truck that is moving backward = kunduran trek.
4. talk too much about unimportant thing = cangkeman.
5. smearing one’s body with hot ointment or liquid and then massaging it = mblonyo.
6. going without notice or permission = mlethas.
7. taking the longer way to get to the destination = ngalang
8. riding an old bicycle = ngonthel.
9. falling/tripping forward (and may hit own face) = kejlungup.
10. side effect after circumcision = gendhelen.
11. hot pyroclastic cloud rolling down a volcano = wedhus gembel.
12. a small, sharp thing embedded inside one’s skin = susuben/ ketlusupen.
13. spending a lot of time doing nothing = mbathang.
14. feeling uncomfortable because there is something that smells bad = kambon.
15. things getting out from a container accidentally because of gravity = mbrojol.
16. get hit by thing collapsing on top of one’s head or body = kambrukan
17. drinking straight from the bottle without using glass, where whole bottle tip gets into the mouth = ngokop.
18. cannot open eyes because something is shining very bright = blereng.
29. cannot hold bowel movement = ngebrok.
20. something coming out from one’s rear end little by little = keceret/kecirit.
21. hanging on tightly to something in order to be inert = gondhelan.
22. falling/tripping accidentally because of a hole = kejeglong.
23. doing something without thinking about the consequences = cenanangan.
24. being overly active carelessly = pecicilan.
25. feeling unwell because of cold temperature = katisen.
26. making too much noise, disturbing other people = mbribeni/mblebeki.
27. tripping over accidentally caused by wires, cloths, gowns etc. = kesrimpet.
28. being alone (or with a companion) in the corner of a place/room doing something suspicious = mojok.
29. pretend to be homeless, no money and never take shower = nggembel

Jawa vs Inggeris ! #senyumdikitbolehdongs XD


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